Top menu button >> Commissions >> Supplier >> +Add a supplier

Click + Add a supplier 

You have 2 options when adding a new supplier to your database:

1. Select a logo from presets: most of the major suppliers and CLECs are available in the list of logos. If you want us to add one or update a logo, please email: and put in your request. Provide either the specific logo or a URL for the supplier that needs to be updated.

2. Click Add a blank supplier: if the supplier is not available in the logos provided you can click on Add a blank supplier and add the supplier to your database by typing the name in the text box. If you do business with a Master agent you can choose to modify the supplier name: Change Supplier Name. 

Adding a Blank Supplier

Type in the name of the supplier, either choose an existing logo from the Logo gallery or + Upload logo. Click OK when done.  

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