The Status Aggregator is an Add On that is used to automatically change the status level of a form based on the status level(s) of other form(s). 

An example of how the Status Aggregator Add On is being used is incident management processes. A typical incident process will include a Preliminary Incident Report, an Incident Investigation, and Corrective Action(s). The two processes important to the Status Aggregator Add On are the Incident Investigation and Corrective Action. From an Incident Investigation, one or more Corrective Action forms are completed to address the incident and hopefully prevent it's recurrence. In some cases Incident Report workflow dictates that an Incident Report should not be Final until the Corrective Action(s) have been implemented. With the Status Aggregator Add On, you don't have to monitor the status levels of Corrective Actions related to an Incident Report, when all Corrective Actions that reference an Incident Report are implemented the status level of Incident Report will automatically be changed to Final. To automate this further, a status level immediate action trigger can be configured at the Final status level to notify Incident Report participants with the updated information. 

The screenshot below shows an example of the status levels of an Incident Investigation.

Taking into consideration these status levels, an Incident Report form would remain at the Approved status level and should not be changed to Final until all the Corrective Actions were implemented. 

The Incident Report shown below has two Corrective Actions. 

While the Incident Report form is at the Approved status level the Status Aggregator Add On will wait for both of the Corrective Actions forms that reference the Incident Report to change to Implemented and when they do, the Status Aggregator Add On will change the status level of the Incident Report to Final.