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This feature allows one or more multi select list fields in a template to be setup as a kind of reporting group for reference values. This feature is only to be used when you have a lot of  process views with many supplier filters. How this feature will address that is by the view just having one filter off of multi select list that has it’s value set by suppliers being selected.


Your company cares about the general geographic location of suppliers and my staff each have a region they are responsible for. Before this feature I build views for them that filter by all the suppliers in their region. For example I do this in the ‘Order’ process by the supplier reference field ‘Carrier’.

Joe covers the North East so his view has filters for ‘CenturyLink’ and ‘Comcast’.

Click Edit.

For both Staff and Supplier:

Add a staff entry and select the Value, Target field and Target value

In the Staff section you select the region your staff is responsible for. 

In the Supplier section you select he supplier that are part of your defined region.