The Status Dictator is an Add On that is used to automatically change the status level(s) of a form based on a status level of a single form. 

An example of how the Status Dictator Add On is being used is training tracking processes. Depending on your training tracking requirements the processes required may be different but for this use case consider the training tracking processes Employee Training Log and Safety Certificate Management. 

The Employee Training Log tracks an employee's name, job title, and the status level. The status levels in this process are Active (for current employees) or Inactive (for past employees).

The Safety Certificate Management process also has the same status levels, Active for current employees and Inactive for past employees. Additional Workflow setup for this process are action triggers that automatically send email notification to notify a user that a safety certificate will expire in 30, 60, 90, or 120 days. However, this action is setup with an condition to only trigger an action for an employee that has an Active status level.

Employees can have many safety certificates. In the example shown below Jim Smith has 7. 

Since it is only important to receive safety certification expiry notification for active employees, an efficient way to change the status levels of safety certificate forms that reference an employee form was required. In order to not receive safety certificate expiry notification for inactive employees we would need to manually edit each safety certificate form and change the status level from Active to Inactive. In this example, editing 7 forms is not too bad, but what if there were 50? And, what if 10 employees just left the company? You would have to edit a lot of forms. 

The Status Dictator Add On was developed to solve this problem. The Status Dictator will automatically change and match the status level of all safety certificate forms that reference an employee form when the status level of the employee form is changed. For example, if Jim Smith was let go, an administrator would change the status level of his Employee Training Log form from Active to Inactive and the Status Dictator Add On would then automatically change the status levels of the 7 Safety Certificate Management forms also to Inactive and then safety certificate expiry notification would not be sent out.