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The Process flow feature allows you to 'flow' data from one process into another. Using this feature helps avoiding double entry of data, reduces room for error and creates a link (tab on top of the page) between processes. 

On the Process flow page you can either Add a flow or View (and edit) an exiting flow. 

First step in the setup is to determine the Source and the Target. The Source will be the process from which the data will flow into the target, typically a different process. 

  • Allow multiple: making it possible to start multiple flows (forms) from the source. 
  • From repeating fields: if your template is using repeating fields (eg: quote processes or one where time is tracked), you can flow the data from a specific repeating field set.
  • Copy participants: flow participants.
  • Copy files: flow files.
  • Copy notes: flow notes.

Next step is to Map the fields you want to flow from the source to the target. 

1. Status levels: you dictate on what status level you allow flow. When flow is allowed a button shows on the form page and the user will be able to flow the data from the source to the target. 

If you want the button to always show you have to select a Target status for each source status. 

2. References from flow: you can only select a value if there you are using process reference fields in either your source or target template. The 

Fields: in this section you map the Source fields to the Target fields. 

NOTE: if you do not find the field in the Target field drop down, it could be that the field type is different in your source vs. your target field. 

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